What to Do About Bad Breath?

Bad breath, also known as “chronic halitosis” can range anywhere from simple inconvenience to a social nightmare for the worst cases. If you suffer from bad breath, know that you aren’t alone! It’s estimated that over half of all Americans have bad breath, and many commercial products don’t actually do anything about it. Most cases of halitosis are, in fact, orally based, although there is the rare case in which the origin goes beyond, into ‘systemic’ causes.

The majority of cases are caused by poor oral hygiene. Food particles left behind on the teeth, cheeks, gum, tongue, and palate can begin to collect bacteria and produce a noticeable odor. Some foods, such as garlic and onions, are more offensive than others. Using proper brushing and flossing procedure can help to reduce the amount of food left behind and lessen breath odor.

Gum disease can also be a big contributor to bad breath. It all starts with bacteria in the plaque surrounding your teeth becoming infected. As the infection spreads to the tissue around the gums and the inner structures of your teeth, the bacteria which collect in the infected areas can start to smell.

In some cases, bad breath may be indicative of a more serious underlying cause. Specific odors are noted in people who have diabetes, liver failure, scurvy, kidney failure, blood infections, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and kidney failure are just a few.

Whatever the case, ask your dentist about your breath. He can help by deducing its origin and diagnosing its cause, then help develop a treatment plan from there.


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