Dentist Orland Park – Genetics And Your Oral Health

Although oral health is largely based on your oral health habits, your genetics can also play a role. Each person’s mouth is different, and genetics determine the physical makeup of your mouth, including tooth and jaw shape, the strength of your teeth, and other components of your smile. Your smile may be inherited,  but your Dentist Orland Park can help you maintain a healthy smile regardless of your mouth’s genetic makeup.


The structure or appearance of your mouth can play a role in your oral health. For example, if you have large teeth with a relatively smaller jaw, you might be more susceptible to crowding. Conversely, if you have small teeth with a relatively larger jaw, you could experience diastema, or a gap in your teeth. If you experience crowding or diastema, you should schedule an appointment with your Dentist in Orland Park to explore your options.

Strength of Your Teeth

The strength of your teeth can also impact your risk for developing cavities. If your teeth are inherently weaker than most, your Dentist Orland Park IL might recommend that you consume more dairy products and pay stricter attention to your oral health habits than others. While genetics play a role in your oral health, your habits and behaviors also make a great impact.

Nutritional Preferences

Your preferences for certain foods and beverages are oftentimes inherited, which can also indirectly affect your oral health. It is important to be aware of foods and drinks that are harmful to your teeth so that you can keep your smile healthy. For example, if you are predisposed to favor sugary drinks over unsweetened tea, this can increase your chances of developing cavities if you do not resist the urge to consistently consume that type of beverage. Your Dentist Orland Park IL recommends sticking to water, dairy products and unsweetened tea to improve your oral health.

Although genetics affect the appearance of your smile, the state of your oral health is in your control. You should floss daily, brush twice a day, and visit your Dentist in Orland Park IL regularly. You can prevent oral issues such as tooth decay and periodontal disease by keeping up with your oral hygiene and staying educated about oral health and advancements in dentistry. By using your knowledge of oral health to your advantage, you can keep your mouth healthy for your entire life.

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